Protect your brand

Protect your brand

Protect your brand

Many companies are not fully aware of the strategic and operational importance of registering a trademark in the development of its commercial potential. The registration of the mark is especially relevant for small entrepreneurial companies that are starting their business. Would Coca Cola, Facebook or Google have been the same companies without being strategically protected brands?

Companies who have registered their brand property and have exclusive use, can defend against unauthorised third-party applications and use. Brands are intangible assets that companies must protect in order to build a name and reputation for themselves and outlast their competitors. It is necessary to register not only the business name in the Companies Register in order to have the sole and exclusive right to a trademark, but also be protected in the corresponding Trademark Office.

Preparing to register a Trademark can be done in 3 easy steps:

1) Define the brand and the brand name and logo that the company would like to use;
2) Determine approximately what market or markets you will need to have protection within
3) Check the trademark and that the register does not have anyone in the markets of interest

Depending on the market, and in general the country where registration is intended, you must also check that the mark incurs no absolute prohibitions has no negative aspect to it in different languages, depending on the country in which you intend your brand to be used or marketed.

What is the cost to registering a trademark?

Protecting a brand depends on the territory and the number of countries in which it is registered, and can be established in average period of 3 years.

Price can also differentiate according to the countries where you want to have protection. A trademark within Australia can start from $120 for 3 years. It is well worth the investment when you consider that the records represent exclusive use and exploitation indefinitely, as the marks can be renewed every 10 years.

Why should I register my brand?

A competitive advantage is generated for the business owner from the exclusive rights granted by the states in which the mark is registered.

A brand serves to distinguish yourself from the competition, indicates the commercial origin, and identifies the quality and characteristics of a product or service and is used to conduct advertising campaigns. The marks generate value in the product or service, carry credibility and identity your product apart from the competition.

What if I do not register my brand?

If you don’t register your brand, a competitor may outsmart you and come along and cash in on all of your hard work by claiming the trade as their own. This could cost you a lack of confidence from your customers and make consumers wary of your products or services. It also means you will be operating without exclusive rights and have no legal rights if another company uses your mark.

Protecting your brand is protecting your future. You can trademark your business today by visiting

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