Social Media to Grow your Business

Social Media to Grow your Business

Social Media to Grow your Business

Using social media networks to promote your business is not only extremely effective but can become the number one marketing tool to gain you new customers while keeping your current customers loyal at a very low cost. With the vast array of opportunity available through social media promoting your company can be unique to you and generate a lot of interest very quickly.

Increasing the visibility and customer base of your business can be fast, easy and very profitable through learning some simple techniques on how to connect, interact and respond to the millions of social media users around the world. We can teach you how to do it step by step and give you the tools required to be successful in integrating social media into your business.

The most instrumental social media networks are listed below. Using some or all of these and integrating them within your website can bring huge growth to not only your business but your income, when used the right way. Let’s see what they have to offer:

1. Facebook

The best social media network for businesses

Audience: Facebook has over 800 million active users, men and women in similar proportions in addition not only reach younger generations but also the audience 35- 54, of which 67% have incomes from $35,000 to $105,530.

Allows you to: Generate more dynamic relationships with customers, detailed updates and can use your profiles as extensions of your websites. Build a brand within the Facebook community, using various applications. Monitor the activity of the company page using Facebook Insights and directly market to your exact target audience. Keep in communication and get to know your customers and what they want so you can better serve them in the future.

2. LinkedIn

A professional network that enables the search for the new clients, professionals and facilitates relationships with influential people and businesses.

Audience: LinkedIn now has over 135 million active users, of which 59% are men and 41% women. Most of its audience is between 25-34 years.

Allows you to: Find new customers and facilitate relationships with influential business people and create strategic partnerships for your business. Create circles of contacts that integrate skilled professionals and industry experts. Publicise your company and obtain relevant information through questions to different groups that can be created.

3. Google+

Works in a similar way to Facebook, enabling brands to interact dynamically with users, but this platform can enable them to manage the content to specific users, giving them more relevant information.

Audience: G + is relatively new, most users are male (63%) compared to women (37%). The audience is significantly lower than those of other social networks, most are between 18-34 years.

Allows you to: Do business with young consumers, initial users. Create social interactions directly via circles.

4. Twitter

This network already has over 200 million active users, and is excellent for generating conversations between brands and followers in just 140 characters.

Audience: Most Twitter users are women (62%), male (38%). 71% of users between 25 and 54 years and 63% of users earn $35,000 to $106,000.

Allows you to: Stay connected and keep followers updated when you’re time is limited. See what’s popular and use hash tags to generate interest or get your brand seen by people who are searching for the latest relevant news. Allow direct response to customer concerns, criticisms, and promote products, provide customer service, market research, etc.

A virtual whiteboard that allows users to “hang” photos, links, etc., and organize. Other users can like, comment and share.

Audience: This website’s popularity has exploded, receiving only one week of December 11 million views, forty times the number of visits received six months earlier. Most users are women (83%).

Allows you to: Earn exposure for products, particularly those products whose designs are creative, because each post requires a photo. Businesses can visually merchandise allowing users to engage with the brand and industry.

6. YouTube

Thanks to the tutorials and video blogs, video sharing platform has become instrumental in attracting consumers.

Audience: This site has similar proportions of men and women, but more is segmented by age 45-54 (30%), 35-44 (22%) and 25-34 (18%).

Allows you to: Promote your business products and services through tutorials and demonstrations. Create catchy and informative advertisements and share them through other social media outlets. Produce and circulate quality videos for promotion of all areas of your business.

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